Technical mode

The technical mode is required in order to complete offline updates of individual firmware versions or of locally saved firmware versions. This function can be used to ‘downgrade’ the firmware versions should bugs be discovered in the newest version and a customer wishes to return to using the previous version.

NOTE: To 'downgrade' to an older update, the file name must be changed to a 'newer' version of the firmware than currently installed, effectively 'tricking' Updater into believing is is upgrading the firmware. 

The technical mode does however still require an internet connection in order to be able to recognise the devices’ IDs. If there is no connection to the internet, newer Sennheiser headsets may in certain circumstances not be recognised.

There are several advantages when using the technical mode. One is that special firmware versions can be used, and even without an active internet connection. It also allows you to check the current firmware version (see 1).

Special versions of firmware should be kept in a separate folder, with no other files, and manually selected (see 2).

It is also necessary to select a device on to which the firmware will be downloaded (see 3). By default, both of these boxes will be unchecked.

NB: The technical mode is normally only used by service partners with a technical background and who have often been instructed by Sennheiser on its use. Unless using the technical mode is necessary, it is recommended to always use the simple mode.

Beyond the latest versions which are available through the Updater, all other firmware versions will only be exclusively supplied to service partners upon request – i.e. not freely available, and generally not supplied to end users.    

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