Configuring the ABC switch

To ensure the best possible connection with as many different deskphones as possible, DECT model headsets make use of an ABC switch.

This switch has three different settings (A, B and C) depending on which deskphone is being used in the configuration. To determine the best setting for any particular setup, users may either use the dial tone, or make a dummy call to a colleague or friend, and then manually shift the switch until they find the optimal setting.

To test the settings using the dial tone, follow these steps. 

  • Put on the headset.
  • Press the link button on the headset to activate an active connection with the base station. The blue LED on the base station should be illuminated.
  • Lift the handset, at which point the user should hear a dial tone.
  • Try out each of the settings on the ABC switch to determine with which setting the user can hear a clear dial tone. 

If attempting to determine the best setting by means of a dummy call, simply initiate a call after the dial tone can be heard. Using a dummy call instead of the dial tone allows the user to ensure that the settings are also optimal for the receiving side of the call. 

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