How to pair the PRESENCE™ with a Bluetooth capable device

The Presence can be paired with your mobile phone or with any other Bluetooth capable device. Here this process is explained using the example of a mobile.

  1. Switch the headset off.
  2. Keep the multi-function button pressed and gently pull the power slide away from the headset until the LED alternately flashes red and blue. This indicates that the headset has been placed in pairing mode.
  3. Enable Bluetooth visibility on your mobile phone (or other Bluetooth capable device).
  4. Via the phone’s menu, search for new Bluetooth devices. All available devices in the proximity of your mobile phone should be displayed.
  5. From this list, select “Presence” to pair the two devices. If necessary, enter the default PIN code “0000”.
  6. Once pairing is complete, the LED should flash blue three times and then switch off. Flashing red three times indicates that pairing was unsuccessful.

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