How to use conference mode for training purposes

The conference call function of the DECT Wireless Headset systems can be used for training purposes to allow up to four (4) headsets to participate/listen to a call. The primary headset is the Master headset and the additional headsets are Guest headsets.

NOTE: Both Master and Guest headsets can be muted independently.

The overall conference call mode/connection is controlled by the Master headset and only the Master headset can end the conference call and terminate the conference call mode for all headsets. To end the conference call press the button on the Master headset and this will shut down the wireless connection with all headsets. A guest headset can exit a call by pressing the button on the headset and deactivating the headset.

NOTE: If the DECT headsets are running firmware version 131 the conference call mode remains active on all headsets until the Master headset is placed back onto the base station. So long as the Master headset is not placed back on the base station all headsets remain in CONFERENCE MODE and will remain this way over multiple calls.




For instructions of how to use conference mode, click here

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