How to use conference mode

The DECT Headset system allows you to hold a conference call with up to four (4) headsets. The master headset is used to control the conference call and up to 3 additional guest headsets can participate in the conference call. 

NOTE: Both Master and Guest headsets can be muted independently.

To start the conference call using the master headset:

  • Establish a wireless link between the headset and base (ie: make the master headset active).

To add a guest headset to the conference call:

  • Place the guest headset on the base station of the master headset. The LED on the headset will alternate flashing RED/BLUE (about 30-60 seconds) to indicate that the headset is syncing to the base and then the headset will flash BLUE three (3) times to show the headset is synced to the base. Three RED flashes indicate syncing has failed. 
  • Pick up the guest headset from the base and a tone will sound in the master headset.
  • Press the button on the master headset to allow the guest headset to enter the call.
  • Repeat these steps for any additional guest headsets.


Call the other party to initiate the conference call.

To exit the conference call on a guest headset press the button on the guest headset.

Only the master headset can end the conference call. To do this, press the multifunction button.

To end the wireless connection with the guest headsets, the master headset must be placed back onto its base station.

Please note that if the master headset is running a firmware version older than 131, ending the call will also result in conference mode ending.


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