HSL 10

ARTICLE NO. 500712


The HSL 10 is a mechanical headset lifter which is used for call control in cases where an electronic hook switch is not possible. It physically lifts the headset when the deskphone rings, enabling a call to be answered without the operator having to manually answer the call themselves and to have it put through to their headset, even when they are not at their desk.

It is physically attached to the deskphone using adhesive strips and is then trained to uniquely respond to the ring tone of the deskphone, which it hears through a high quality microphone.

This accessory is compatible with the following DECT models and variants:

  • DW Office
  • DW Office ML
  • DW Office PHONE
  • DW Pro 1
  • DW Pro 1 ML
  • DW Pro 1 PHONE
  • DW Pro 2
  • DW Pro 2 ML
  • DW Pro 2 PHONE
  • D 10 PHONE
  • SD Office
  • SD Office ML
  • SD Pro 1
  • SD Pro 1 ML
  • SD Pro 2
  • SD Pro 2 ML


Please find attached copies of both the quick guide and the complete manual for HSL 10.

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