MB 660 overview

The MB 660 is our premium business solution for busy professionals who require the absolute best in noise cancellation, voice clarity, and audio reproduction in any environment. 

This is the only headset within our business portfolio to offer noise cancelling technology not only on the microphone, but also on the speaker. Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology will reduce background noise for the user, making this the ideal headset for professionals working in open office environments or frequent travellers. 




Product variants

The MB 660 is available in two variants, the MB 660 UC and then MB 660 UC MS

The only difference between the two is that the MB 660 UC MS's included dongle for connecting your headset with your PC also carries extra certification for use with Microsoft's Skype for Business software, also known as Microsoft Lync. 



Active Noise Cancelling

The MB 660 not only features intelligent technologies for noise cancellation on the microphone, which ensure that unwanted background noise is filtered out and that your voice is delivered in high quality regardless of your environment, but the headset is also equipped with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology.

Our ANC technology uses the headset's built-in microphones to listen to your surroundings and then actively filter out disturbing background noise. This means that regardless of whether you work in a noisy, open office environment, are working on the road in busy airports, or simply need a moment of peace and quiet to concentrate, you can rely on the MB 660 to deliver. 

For more information about using ANC, please click here



Bluetooth vs. cable

In addition to Bluetooth, the headset can also be connected via 3.5 mm jack using the provided cable. This means that you can still use the headset in environments were Bluetooth may not be permissible, such as in an aircraft.

While the headset may be used via cable for these situations, we do not recommend using the wired connection for telecommunications. This is because using the cable means also using the cable's built-in microphone instead of the microphones build into the headset itself, which in turn means that you will be missing out on their noise cancelling properties. You find more information about using the included cable by clicking here. 




CapTune is our free app for optimising your experience with the MB 660. You can download it for free for both Apple and Android platforms, and it allows you to change various settings from your connected mobile device. 

If you would like more information about setting CapTune up with your MB 660, and the different settings you can change using it, please click here. 

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