MB Pro overview

The MB Pro 1 and 2 are overhead Bluetooth headsets. The headset is available either as a single-sided headset, the Pro 1, or as binaural or two-sided headset, the Pro 2. Both versions feature a flexible boom arm and ultra noise cancelling microphone for crystal clear telecommunications. 




Headset variants

The headset is available in both a monaural and binaural variants, the MB Pro 1 and MB Pro 2 respectively. Both products are otherwise identical in both functionality, connectivity and noise cancelling properties. 



Product variants

Both the MB Pro 1 and 2 are available in three possible packages. 

The MB Pro 1 and the MB Pro 2 are the standard variants, consisting of the headset and the necessary charging accessories. 

The MB Pro 1 UC and MB Pro 2 UC include our dongle, the BTD 800, for ensuring the best quality connection when using your headset with your PC, as well as a convenient charging stand. 

The MB Pro 1 UC ML and MB Pro 2 UC ML also include the charging stand and the dongle, but this dongle carries an extra certification for use with Microsoft's Skype for Business software. 

Please note that there also some other differences concerning the included accessories with the different variants. You can check what is exactly included by visiting the respective product pages.



Introductory video



3D images

MB Pro 1



MB Pro 2


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