Presence Overview

The Presence is a Bluetooth headset, small enough to be completely portable for the busy professional and robust enough to ensure excellent clarity even in the most challenging of environments. 




Product variants

The Presence is available in three different packages. 

Presence Business is the standard variant, consisting of the headset and the necessary charging accessories. 

Prescence UC includes our dongle, the BTD 800, for ensuring the best quality connection when using your headset with your PC. 

Presence UC ML also includes the dongle, but this dongle carries an extra certification for use with Microsoft's Skype for Business software. 

Please note that there also some other differences concerning the included accessories with the different variants. You can check what is exactly included by visiting the respective product pages. 



Noise cancelling technology

The Presence performs well even in challenging and noisy environments due to its three microphones and two pieces of intelligent technology, WindSafe and SpeakFocus. 

SpeakFocus ensures that your voice is delivered with HD clarity in all sound environments by 'zooming in' on your voice and filtering out unwanted background noise. 

WindSafe actively filters out annoying wind noise on the microphone, ensuring that even outdoors on a windy day you will never need to compromise on Sennheiser quality sound. 



Introductory video



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