How to change the mode of the BTD 800 (Cisco / normal)

The BTD 800 can be placed into Cisco mode. If you are having difficulties using or updating your dongle, please ensure that the dongle is not in Cisco mode, but rather in 'normal' mode. 


  1. Make sure no device is connected to the BTD 800. That means turning off the Bluetooth headset that is connected to the dongle to make sure there is no active connection.
  2. Push and hold the button of the BTD 800 until the LED of the dongle turns off.
  3. Double tap the button of the BTD 800. The LED should now show one of two colours:
  • -Blue: Cisco mode is enabled.
  • -Red: Normal mode is enabled.
  1. A longer push on the button of the BTD 800 will now switch the dongle into the opposite mode. The LED will indicate the current mode on the device.
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